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Homefront just $42 from Walmart, Amazon


Just as Homefront's citizen soldiers attempt to roll back a fictionalized North Korean invasion of our homes and chain restaurants, Walmart and Amazon have valiantly rolled back the price of the newly launched game.

Just a day after Homefront's official release date, monolithic superstore Walmart began selling the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game for $41.96, both for in-store and online (though brick-and-mortar stores still have it at full price, according to a reader). Online purchases also include an "exclusive Goliath Drone Avatar." (The PC edition remains $49.96.)

Seemingly in response to Walmart's discount (it's unknown whether it's temporary or permanent), Amazon has dropped the price of its Homefront console copies to exactly the same $41.96. The game's approaching "White Castle takeout" prices at a rapid clip!

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