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One Shots: A grim grinning ghost comes out to socialize

There are all manner of interesting characters stomping around the streets of DC Universe Online. Some are inspired by characters people have made up in tales or daydreams, or perhaps played in tabletop games before. Others are based more along the lines of characters not as well-known in DC Comics, such as the character in today's screenshot sent in to us by Christopher M. He tells us a bit more about the origin of this confident fellow:

"I found this really cool spot in DC Universe Online's Gotham City on top of the Wayne Enterprise building. A little background on the toon in the picture: In Batman: The Animated Series there was a character created named the Gray Ghost for one episode. He was the inspiration for Bruce Wayne to become the Dark Knight. My guy isn't an 'exact' copy. He is the Greyish Ghost! He still stands for justice in Gotham City! I found it perfectly appropriate when I was up there and the Bat-Signal appeared in the clouds."

Do you have an interesting character concept you'd like to share? If so, we're always out to hear more about heroes and villains in comic-themed MMOs. Just snap a great picture of your character and email it in to us here at Be sure to include your name, the name of the game we're seeing, and a note telling us all about your super awesome character. Your screenshot could be the next one we feature here on Massively!

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