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Swarm priced at $15, marches to Euro PSN on March 30


The Swarm has been granted its European visa and will enter the union on March 23 and 30 on XBLA and PSN, respectively (while North American PSN users can get it on March 22). Taking control of the "pudgy, clueless little blue morons" will cost 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox and $14.99 on PSN. PlayStation Plus members get a slight discount, downloading the little goobers for $12.99.

On the surface, Swarm sounds like a Pikmin- or Lemmings-style type of game, but it actually has more in common with platformers, as we recently found out in our hands-on preview.

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Swarmites To Infest Xbox LIVE ArcadeT And PlayStationŽNetwork This Month

Austin, Texas--March 16, 2011--UTV Ignition Entertainment, alongside Hothead Games, an irreverent developer of memorable downloadable titles, announced today that their hotly anticipated title, Swarm, has gone gold for Xbox LIVEŽ Arcade for the Xbox 360Ž video game and entertainment system from MicrosoftT and PlayStationŽNetwork and will begin launching on March 22nd for 1200 Microsoft Points / $14.99. PlayStationŽPlus members can purchase the title for $12.99.

Exact release dates are as follows: PlayStation Network, North America and Japan: March 22 Xbox LIVE Arcade, worldwide: March 23 PlayStation Network, Europe: March 30

"Hothead's passion for creating games that are both approachable and dangerously addictive is unrivaled," said Nigel Fox, Head of Publishing for UTV Ignition Entertainment. "We can't wait to see how much players will enjoy all the content we've managed to pack into a downloadable title, and we're confident this will be the best death-enhanced platformer players will get their hands on in a long time."

Swarm gives players control of 50 utterly fearless Swarmites and drives them through an intense and often suicidal battle of survival. Swarm is the first game to feature mass character control, where players move all the Swarmites at once. Steer the flock of pudgy, clueless little blue morons through the game and they naturally flock and flow around obstacles. Creatively combine swarm moves to work your way through a relentlessly dangerous and hilariously brutal environment. Compete against friends to get the high score by deftly moving through the world and cleverly solving puzzles the game throws your way.

"Figuring out new and creative ways of killing the Swarmites while making the game took the whole team to a pretty dark place," said Joel DeYoung, Producer of Swarm at Hothead Games. "After working on the game for the last year or so, we're really excited to share our insanity with the world. Let the blue squishy carnage begin!"

For more information on Swarm, please visit You can also follow all of the latest Swarmite mayhem at and The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

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