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Wipeout Kinect game coming this summer


No, not that WipEout -- Wipeout ... the ABC game show (and yes, we have to remind you every time). Activision is expanding its licensing deal with the television network and Endemol, the show's producer, to release Wipeout In the Zone for Kinect this summer, following the obstacle course sim's debut on Wii and DS last year.

Featuring the "the infamous 'Big Balls,'" Wipeout In the Zone will include more than 30 obstacles that will have Kinect users "running, ducking, dodging and wiping out" within 6 square meters ... or however much space is between their couches and TV sets.

"Everyone who watches the show wishes they could try the obstacle course -- and now this is their chance!" hypes Activision's David Oxford. "The show is all about absurd movement and well-timed balance, so it's a perfect fit for a Kinect game." Huh, and here we thought the perfect fit would be sensible movements and a well-thought-out balance between functionality and novelty.

Update: First screenshots look a lot like Doritos Crash Course ...

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[Photo credit: ABC/Patrick Wymore]

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