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Crysis 2 can run on a $600 PC


You've bought all the components, inserted tab A into slot B and tightened lord-knows-how-many thumbscrews. Your handcrafted PC is finished, and all for less than $600. "But can it run Crysis?" your friend asks? If you followed a handy guide from GeForce, the answer is yes.

Starting with its own $150 GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics card, the company has compiled a list of parts needed to competently run CryTek's GPU-hungry Crysis 2. Assuming you've got the basics covered (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc), the whole rig will only run you $599.92. While this setup won't allow maximum settings, it still kicks out a decent frame rate using above average graphical configurations.

As a bonus, it should also shut your snarky friend up.

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