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Hoard coming to PC and Mac via Steam on April 4


Big Sandwich Games' underrated strategy/RPG Hoard has added another platform to its growing stash -- it's due out on the PSP later this month, and now the game is also coming to PC and Mac via a Steam release dated for April 4. Its price is set at $9.99, but starting March 21, it'll be available for pre-sale at 25% off, or you can buy a four-pack for you and three friends and get the last copy free. In addition to the standard features, the Steam release will also boast a Night Mode, a new Winter tile set and new maps to play with.

And since the game is being released with Steam Play, buyers will have access to both PC and Mac versions, and players across both platforms will be able to play with each other online. Hoard's a great game that didn't really find the audience it deserved, so maybe a big Steam release will help bring the gold home.

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