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Music video shot with only an iPad 2


Take a musician, a film company and four iPad 2s to a rocking dance party, and you have all the ingredients for an impressive indie music video. Filmed by Remedy Films, this 5-minute music video for the song "Need" by Eddy shows what is possible with the iPad 2 and some talent.

According to Chase Andrews of Remedy Films, the music video required about 25 hours of work. The group waited in line 8 hours to purchase the iPads, spent 5 hours filming and almost 12 hours editing. The crew treated the iPads as professional cameras by attaching one to a steadicam rig, one to a Cineslider and one to a handheld rig. The fourth and final iPad was held by the singer herself and makes its cameo appearance in a few parts of the video.

The music video self-admittedly should have been shot under better lighting conditions, but the night-time party theme matched the song, and the end product still turned out very good, despite the limitations of the iPad's camera. Check out the music video for yourself after the break, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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