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AT&T slashes prices of first-gen 3G iPads


Pricey iPad 2s may be showing up in online auctions, but for those of you who just want to get an iPad for web surfing or downloading apps, original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models just had their prices slashed at AT&T. Original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models sold through AT&T have now dropped to US$429 for the 16 GB model and only $529 for the 64 GB model (the 32 GB 3G model is sold out).

For those of you keeping track, the 16 GB iPad Wi-Fi+3G through AT&T is now only $30 more than the 16 GB iPad Wi-Fi model through Apple (same goes for the other iPad 3G models). Apple discounted all iPad models by $100 a few weeks ago to move out older inventory ahead of the iPad 2 launch. If the iPad 2's redesigned body and cameras aren't important to you, a total of $200-$300 off the original iPad Wi-Fi+3G's asking price is a heck of a deal.

[via The Loop]

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