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Bell's Motorola Atrix also has HSUPA disabled, Canadians frown upon 400kbps uploads


If you happen to reside just north of the American border, you might have heard that Canadian carrier Bell is now offering the Motorola Atrix from $169.95 on a three year commitment, all the way up to $599.95 sans contract. While this groovy smartphone is a welcomed addition for local Android fanatics, the early adopters have learned that -- much like its AT&T counterpart -- it lacks HSUPA. This is confirmed by xda-developers members who see a mere 400kpbs upload speed on their maple syrup-flavored Atrix, which is bad news for YouTube celebrities and the likes on Bell Mobility. Alas, we've yet to hear from the carrier regarding this issue, but let's just hope that the Atrix will be set free before Bell's headquarters gets taken over by furious green robots.

[Thanks, Steve and @Shift3r]

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