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Chime Super Deluxe dings PSN on March 29, includes 4-player modes


Chime Super Deluxe, a more relaxed and docile take on thematically similar games like Lumines, will be available March 29 on PSN in North America. Depending on its reception, Developer Zoe Mode has indicated that it would like bring this upgrade of vanilla Chime -- featuring rebalanced gameplay and enhanced graphics -- to PC and XBLA "at a later date."

Aside from Super Deluxe being a "commercial" release on PSN (i.e., not for charity), the biggest change in this version of the audio/visual-focused puzzler is the inclusion of offline four-player modes. Depending on the type of trip you're looking to have with friends, you can roll smoothly with some cooperative gameplay or freak out in some versus. Let all those pretty colors and sounds wash over you, taste the purple and feel the bass.

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