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Free, open source FPS 'Red Eclipse' hits version 1.0


Red Eclipse is a full-featured, Quake 3 Arena-style first person shooter with, as you can see in the trailer after the break, some nice touches, including a wallrunning system, lots of bright colors exploding around and what looks like pretty good ragdoll physics. Oh, and one more thing: It's completely free and open source.

The game, based on the Cube Engine 2 system, has just hit version 1.0 -- and, outside of any actual gameplay, just having a fully-built FPS game available to the open source community is a nice bonus. With a code library like this, developers might be able to hook it up to a Kinect, port it to any number of platforms, or do whatever else those crazy coders dream about at night.

Or you can just download and play it for free -- the game's available on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. This is all thanks to the hard work of volunteers, so if you do like the game and/or use it in one of your own projects, we're sure donations to their cause would be much appreciated.

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