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Around Azeroth: Tornado drill


Edgarv of Fires of Tirisfal on Maelstrom (US-A) writes, "During the Al'Akir encounter, there are the lucky ones, and their are the not-so-lucky ones. Blizzard has worked long and hard to eradicate RNG; however, it cannot be gone completely. The chances that one is blasted five times in a row (in one of eight locations on the platform) to completely annihilate one's character in the first phase can be quite disheartening. Doing the math, I found that the chance of this happening was in fact 1 in 32768. Well, if your corpse is left behind while the rest of your raid is transported to fight him in the air, you're transported inside his tempestuous figure to observe, from the inside, Al'Akir's downfall."

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