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Roundup of developers and apps to help Japan

Chris Ward

The developer community is stepping up its offers of help to disaster-struck Japan with increasing ways to send money to those in need. This is a roundup of offers we've heard about -- let us know in comments of any others.

  • Simplest of all is the offer from Japanese startup Lunascape: download the free iPhone or iPad version of its tabbed web browser app, and the company will donate ¥50 (about US$0.63) up to a total of ¥5 million (about US$65,000 -- in addition to the ¥1 million it's already given) for the Japanese Red Cross and other similar relief organisations.
  • Marketcircle is going to give 100% of all proceeds made from its professional time billing programs Billings 3 and Billings Touch to the Red Cross starting on Monday, March 21, until the end of Wednesday, March 23.
  • Capcom has reduced the price of Street fighter IV to US$0.99 and is giving 100% of iPhone sales to relief efforts until Monday, March 21.
  • Real Software of Austin, Texas, is giving 5% of all sales of its web development tools next week to the American Red Cross's Japan fund.
  • The Square Enix Group -- maker of Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and Space Invaders -- is donating ¥100 million (about US$1.25 million) to recovery efforts.
  • Ohanaware, maker of Mac photo software, such as HDRtist Pro and Funtastic Photos, is selling all of its software at half-price until Friday, March 25, with all profits going to the Red Cross for Japan relief.
  • Users of SmartRoam's VoIP app for iPhone ChatTime can make free calls to Japan until the end of March, which usually costs $15 a month. Users who have already called Japan since the earthquake began will have charges for those calls waived.
  • Devon Technologies, makers of data-management Mac software Devon Think and Devon Agent, will donate 20% of its March proceeds to Japanese relief efforts, such as Doctors Without Borders.
  • Interval Studios, producers of the Thicket and Snowdrift apps for iOS, is donating 100% of its proceeds from March 11 to March 31 to the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund.
  • Tesla Software is also donating proceeds from the weekend to the Japan Relief fund and will post results on the company's site.

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