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StarCraft 2 open beta begins in China on March 29


Just as we experienced here in the United States, mainland China is about to undergo a beta testing period for StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Ever since striking a deal back in 2008, Blizzard and NetEase have been working to bring the game to the country -- on March 29, that deal will come to fruition.

Anxious gamers in the region can pre-load the beta client -- provided they have a account or at least a willingness to register -- which will grant access to all of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty's multiplayer modes. Upon the conclusion of the unspecified beta period, Blizzard and NetEase will launch the game commercially, allowing players to buy 30-day access passes to the game for a suggested price of RMB 20 ($3.04). It's in line with a pricing structure that Blizzard outlined a year ago.

To pre-load the Chinese beta client, head on over to Blizzard's site.

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