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Gaming giving back to Japan this weekend

Justin McElroy

There have been plenty of opportunities to help the earthquake and tsunami-ravaged country of Japan this week, but we've got a few more in case you're feeling generous this weekend.
  • Through tomorrow, for every game purchased through Direct2Drive, the company will donate $1 to Japanese disaster relief. Many companies (a full list can be found here) will even match that donation.
  • Bungie is currently selling a special blue "Japan Quake Relief 2011" wristband, the proceeds of which go directly to the Red Cross. The bracelet will be especially helpful in setting yourself apart from those Scrooges who wait until next year to donate.
  • Providing the least materially rewarding but perhaps most charitable choice, Sony has added an option to PSN that allows you to donate directly from your PlayStation Wallet. It's in the "Aid Japan" section under "New Releases." C'mon, stingy, that's not even real money! Surely you can spare a few imaginary bucks!
  • Want to be entertained for your cash? The Sanctuary Crew is streaming gaming action all weekend in the hopes of luring in donors. Find all the details here or give directly to the International Rescue Committee.

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