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Cobra Tag Bluetooth key tagging system to ship in July, iRadar and PhoneLynx coming to Android

Darren Murph

Cobra's taking a step back from its usual array of radar detectors to make a showing down in Orlando, and as such, today's announcements are all about mobile. The company's Cobra Tag system -- which popped up initially back at CES -- has just been given a price and release date. The Bluetooth tagging system will be keeping track of your car keys (and other miscellaneous items) starting in July, with a Bluetooth key fob linking up with a smartphone app in order to constantly monitor the position of anything it's connected to. All's that required from you is a BlackBerry or Android smartphone, $59.99 and a mindful personality. In related news, the outfit's also making available the previously announced iRadar application for Android, which is used to link your smartphone and radar detector, as well as the PhoneLynx for Android, which enables users to use a landline handset while tapping into Android voice minutes. Hit the source links if you're hungry for more.

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