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Hitman ARG concludes with new Hitman image


When IO Interactive kicked off an ARG earlier this month for its Hitman series, all signs pointed to an E3 reveal of the long-rumored Hitman 5. Now that the gumshoe AR game has concluded, it seems downright obvious that said game will make its debut at this year's big LA gaming convention. The image you see above was unearthed by a group of mystery hitmen -- which is to say, "folks who secretly assassinate mysteries" -- and was confirmed by IO Interactive to be the final clue of the ARG.

Outside of a few cursory words on the image, the IO Interactive rep didn't reveal much else, though he did say "an even more awesome follow-up" is being planned now that members have uncovered everything this ARG has to offer. As previously indicated, the ARG points to an E3 reveal of the next Hitman game.

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