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Mobilicity refreshes 3G stick lineup with Huawei E1691, keeps $40 unlimited data


Mobilicity launched Huawei's E1691 data stick today which replaces its last offering: the Option 452. The AWS-packing HSPA E1691's USB port pivots making it a little less prone to being snapped off while plugged in and it includes the typical micoSD slot for your memory card enjoyment. Pricing is fixed at $79.99 Canadian (about $81 USD) with no contract as Mobilicity doesn't play with those. Slap on a $40 a month unlimited plan -- truly unlimited, no caps either soft or otherwise here -- and you're set for some serious surfing. The rub, of course, is that while the offering is great, Mobilicity doesn't cover all of Canada just yet. But still, if you're living within its coverage area it's a brilliant option.

Edit: To be clear here, Mobilicity has complete national coverage, but the unlimited markets do not cover the entire country.

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March 21, 2011
Mobilicity answers growing demand for unlimited Internet access with Huawei 3G data stick

Toronto, ON – March 21, 2011 – Mobilicity today introduced the Huawei E1691 3G data stick to support the growing number of consumers looking for an affordable and easy way to access the Internet from their laptops and tablets.

Today's announcement will come as welcome news to Canadians who pay among the highest Internet rates in the world and, according to a recent research study by comScore Inc., spend over 43 hours a month on the Internet – almost twice the global average.

The Huawei 3G data stick is ideally suited for consumers who wish to access the Internet to check email, surf the web and visit social networking sites wherever they are, whenever they want, and for as long as they want – without worrying about getting an expensive bill for using more data than is included in their plan.

With its 180-degree rotating design, the new plug-and-play device accommodates usage in tight spaces and does double duty as a handy memory key (up to 8 GB) through its MicroSD memory card slot.

Pricing and availability

The Huawei 3G data stick is available for $79.99; and Mobilicity's unlimited Internet Access plan is available for $40 a month. However Mobilicity mobile phone customers can bundle a monthly Internet plan for 50 percent off – bringing the cost of unlimited 3G surfing down to a low $20 a month.

The Huawei 3G data stick and Internet plans are available at Mobilicity stores and authorized dealers across Canada. Like all Mobilicity devices, the data stick is not sold with a device tab, credit check, nor does it come with a contract to lock a customer into a multi-year service plan, as is often the case with Canada's incumbent carriers.

About Mobilicity (DAVE Wireless)

Mobilicity, Canada's UNLIMITED 3.5G mobile operator, provides nationwide coverage with unlimited coverage areas to make wireless communications more affordable and easier to use. Mobilicity's pay-in-advance unlimited talk, text and data plans ensure 100 percent bill certainty – without contracts, credit checks or hidden charges. Formerly known as Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless), the company is led by Obelysk, a diversified Canadian holding company, and Quadrangle Capital Partners, a global investor in the telecommunications and media sectors with more than $3 billion of capital under management. In 2010, Mobilicity was named one of Canada's Top 25 Up and Coming Information & Communication Technology start-ups by the Branham Group Inc. Further information about Mobilicity can be found at

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