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Around Azeroth: The terrible truth behind character transfers


Thinking about transferring your beloved character to a new realm? How about switching races or factions? If you really care about your character, you'll leave it where it is. Before characters can be transferred, they must be fully cleansed in a radioactive dipping barrel to remove all traces of their previous realm. Then, if they're changing races, they undergo hours of painful plastic surgery and bone reshaping. Finally, they're hurled through space and time to another universe identical to their own but populated entirely by strangers.

In this screenshot, Fidgett of Raids Without Pants on Steamwheedle Cartel (US-A) is shown in the decon tube just prior to the beginning of this horrific process. Fidgett has changed from a night elf to a draenei to a blood elf and then to a dwarf female before finally becoming a gnome, so you can only imagine what hideous experiences linger in his mind.

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