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Got $8 million? Buy an iPad 2 inlaid with gold, diamonds and a dinosaur bone


The iPad is no stranger to the bling culture. But in case you have a few extra million tucked beneath the mattress, Stewart Hughes is offering an iPad 2 that is encased in solid gold, diamonds, some of the oldest rock found in the world and a dinosaur bone.

The back is covered with 24-carat gold, with an Apple logo fashioned out of 53 diamonds. The front frame is made of 75 million-year-old Ammolite rock with shavings from a Tyrannosaurus rex. The home button is made of a single-cut flawless diamond with 12 smaller diamonds surrounding it. You can get all of this for the low, low price of £5 million, which these days comes up to a little under $8.17 million USD sans matching Smart Cover -- that you'll have to get from Apple on your own.

[via MacStories]

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