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Square-Enix restoring Final Fantasy XI and XIV game services on March 25th

Jef Reahard

It looks like the lights are coming back on in both Vana'diel and Eorzea in a few days, as Square-Enix has published a press release on its website updating fans and customers on its power conservation initiative.

Final Fantasy XI and XIV game servers were shut down on March 13th in an effort to curtail non-essential power usage in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. According to Square, services for both MMORPGs, as well as its PlayOnline portal, will be back online this Friday, March 25th.

The FFXIV website also details Square's efforts to reduce its energy footprint, which includes reductions in both lighting and air conditioning usage in addition to the server shutdowns. The company also states that services may be interrupted again if recovery efforts warrant it, and that monthly fees for the April billing cycle will be waived.

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