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Tuesday Morning Post: Valorous edition


The biggest news to come down the pipe this week is probably the valor points change. Have you ever wanted to just get all of your heroic dailies churned out on one lazy Sunday afternoon instead of forcing yourself to queue after a long day at work in the middle of the week? You'll be able to, come patch 4.1. Not only that, but if you queue for the new Zandalar dungeons, you'll come away with 980 valor points when all's said and done, which is nearly enough to purchase one whole piece on its own.

If you're not big into the whole heroic-running game, there's plenty of other interesting stuff to catch up on, including some new WoW insights our team dragged out of PAX East 2011. With scheduled realm maintenance lasting from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific time, you should have plenty of time to read it all.

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