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WoW Moviewatch: WoW Horders


Wowcrendor is back with a new entry in the Crendorverse, WoW Horders. It's a parody of the various hoarding shows you can find on TV and online. A good troll doctor attempts to help a tauren overcome his desire to cling to everything and ends up with only mixed results.

It's interesting to note that Wowcrendor didn't fall back on any of his standard tropes here, such as the Go Guy. That's a good thing; it keeps his videos from becoming stale and allows him to push forward with his Crendorverse. (That's my word, not his.) If he weren't adding new characters and new jokes, his mythos would become stale and stagnant. It's a subtle hint at Wowcrendor's talent hat he doesn't fall into that trap.

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