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Xperia Play ad rags on iPhone gaming


Sony has released a few tongue-in-cheek internet ads for its new Xperia Play smartphone (basically, the PSP phone everyone's been waiting for). In one of the ads, which you can see embedded after the break, performer/Daily Show correspondent/biggest fan of Flight of the Conchords Kristen Schaal goes after "another smartphone" and its gaming capabilities -- namely the iPhone and its button-free touchscreen.

The actual criticisms are pretty vague, to be honest -- there are hints that touchscreen controls don't work so well and even some intimation that the iPhone's screen is somehow too small to see some of the gameplay. In general, everything lands more on the jokey side than any actual pair ups.

But that's almost certainly an iPhone she's holding, and this is the most direct attack we've seen from Sony's side going after Apple and its mobile gaming market growth. The Xperia Play has lots of other things to deal with before taking on the iPhone (it's had a pretty disastrous pre-launch so far), but this is an interesting shot across the bow.

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