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Xperia Play turns its marketing ship around with new ads (no more grafted thumbs!)

It's official! Against all odds, Sony Ericsson has finally ended its nearly year-long streak of embarrassing leaks, missed opportunities, and terrible advertising and come out the other side with this: a series of excellent ads for its "PlayStation Certified" Xperia Play phone.

Spokeswoman (and comedian!) Kristen Schaal walks you through some of the phone's strongest features in a series of five ads, all found after the break. Did you know the Xperia Play is the perfect phone for downloading apps, looking at kitten pictures, editing spreadsheets, and watching YouTube? Neither did we. But it's also got a slide-out gamepad, which Ms. Schaal is all too happy to show off.

Hey, Kristen ... do you mind if we call you Kristen? We know a guy you'd probably get along great with. Kristen, meet KB. KB, Kristen.

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