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Netflix applies credits for those impacted by outage, 3 percent

Ben Drawbaugh

If you're like us and would rather throw change into the jar at the store than to carry it around in your pocket all day, you'll probably be just as excited as we are to hear Netflix is offering credits to some of those impacted by yesterday's outage. We have never been good at calculating percentages, but it doesn't take a math major to figure out that three percent of a $9 bill isn't anything to get excited about. It isn't completely unprecedented though. While most subscription services we pay for wouldn't think to issue even a penny when there's an outage, even though who are obligated via some sort of service level agreement, typically issue miniscule amounts like this using the logic that they were still up 97 percent of the pay period. If you're wondering how to get your 25 cents, keep an eye on your email and hope you are lucky enough to get the customized link that leads to your fortunes.

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