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SyFy-Trion project revealed as Defiance


Trion Worlds may be big with its RIFT mojo these days, but the studio isn't looking to be a one-trick pony. We've known that it's had a number of other projects in the works, including an action science-fiction MMO created in conjunction with the Syfy channel.

Today we've learned the name of this project: Defiance. Described as a "new entertainment franchise that will seamlessly pair a primetime series with an online video game," Defiance is scheduled for release sometime later this year.

We first heard about this MMO a few years ago, although Trion's been fairly mum on the specifics. Video games and TV series working together offer a unique prospect for synergy and cross-promotion, something that hasn't escaped the attention of Trion CEO Lars Buttler. Defiance may also appear on the Xbox 360 if Trion's hiring practices are any indication.

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