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Zynga Poker hacker sentenced to two years after stealing $11 million

29-year old Devon, England citizen Ashley Mitchell -- who we'll be referring to as "Cyber Danny Ocean" for the remainder of this article -- has been sentenced to two years in prison plus a 30-week suspended sentence for stealing £7 million ($11.4 million) in virtual currency for Zynga Poker. The methods Cyber Danny Ocean used were far less exciting and sophisticated than his cinematic counterpart: He hijacked the accounts of two Zynga employees, added the funds to his account, and re-sold them for a cool £53,612.

How did C.D.O. get caught? He performed said heist while using his neighbor's unsecured Wi-Fi connection. That seems like a pretty obvious slip-up -- we think he did it on purpose, to spare the rest of his crew from ending up in the slammer. We bet that when he gets out, Cyber Brad Pitt is going to be waiting to pick him up, waiting with a pithy remark about his suit. Who's that in the car? Oh, it's Cyber Julia Roberts -- and she's still in love with him! Credits.

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