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ArcheAge dev diary talks housing, questing, and spreading diseases

Jef Reahard

XL Games' ArcheAge is starting to pick up a bit of a following here in the West, and that can only be a good thing for starving fans of the sandbox subgenre. Jake Song's fantasy opus is currently undergoing closed beta testing in its native Korea, and as XL's devs post Q&A features on the game's website, dutiful fans translate them into English.

The latest set comes to our attention courtesy of ArchAge, and covers a wide range of topics including questing (both local and regional variants), player housing, the game's achievement system, and player and NPC illnesses. "If you wander into a town that's full of infected characters, you'll probably catch something yourself! Then again, you could get sick on purpose and then pay a visit to someone you don't really like, but that's risky in it's own way," the dev diary explains.

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