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Inkling signs with major publishers to bring 100 textbooks to iPad by 2012, no actual ink

Tim Stevens

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Inkling is a pretty cute name for a product, you have to admit, but by the end of the year it could be pretty serious business. It's a company that specializes on publishing textbooks on the iPad, devices that are rapidly killing the poor paper industry. As of now the company's products are few, but two major publishers, Pearson and McGraw-Hill, have signed on to support the service, a deal that will see Inkling's product catalog swell by several orders of magnitude. Up to 100 books are expected to be there by the end of the year and, while that's nothing compared to the massive variety of volumes that swell students' backpacks and diminish their drinking funds at the beginning of every semester, it is a solid start. Best of all, Inkling's current texts cost 35 percent less than their printed doppelgangers, meaning there's hope for cheaper e-books after all.

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