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RIFT's March 30th update bringing live events, exclusive items, new 20-man raid

Jef Reahard

RIFT is about to pass the one-month mark, and Trion's fantasy title is marking the occasion with an update that's bringing a good bit of new content to the war-torn world of Telara. Beginning on March 30th, Regulos the Destroyer is taking the gloves off, and Ascended heroes will have "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a key moment in the game's history," according to a Trion press release.

Alsbeth the Discordant will lead invasions across every Telaran zone, and players who brave the hordes will earn hundreds of new items (including exclusives like a spectral horse and transmogrifying disguises). Trion also tells us that once these rifts are sealed, the unique loot items will never again be available.

The update is also bringing a new 20-man raid zone to RIFT, and the River of Souls encounter will test the mettle of Guardians and Defiants alike as they battle Alsbeth's undead minions and attempt to bring the fallen mage to justice.

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