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Breakfast Topic: Would you enjoy building your own version of WoW?

Jesse Disbrow

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Reading up on the World of Starcraft mod made me think about something. What if the map and scenario building tools that have been parts of every Blizzard RTS game since Warcraft II were available to us as players of World of Warcraft?

The idea is not completely unfounded. Superhero MMO City of Heroes uses the Mission Architect. This lets the player build and create their own content in the way of a series of missions that create a story. When I first saw the plan for this feature, I thought this was the future, as it takes pressure off the designers.

Creating a quest creator or an even more powerful editor would let us examine the creativity of the community and could give roleplayers a better tool to tell their stories. It's certainly better than the very illegal alternative of hosting a private WoW server.

Say there were some Well of Possible Timelines in the Caverns or Time to access instanced, player-created quests ... What would you do with a WoW quest creator? Would you make quests where you take control of lore characters, like The Hunter and the Prince? Or would you try to put your own twist on the kill 10 boars quest? Would you create quests where you fly around the Emerald Dream? Would your RP quest to help find your long-lost father go over well with your RP buddies and the general public? What would your idea for a quest be?

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