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Motion Doctor turns your iPad into a physical therapist


I've got a lot of friends who are doctors, physical therapists and trigger point therapists. One thing they all tell me is that patients usually follow and perform prescribed exercises flawlessly while seeing the PT, but as time goes on and the patients are expected to do their exercises at home, they usually aren't as effective because the PT isn't there guiding their every move.

Motion Doctor for iPad (US$14.99) hopes to remedy this. The app contains over 60 professionally shot videos under the guidance of Dr. Desirea Caucci, who is rated one of the top three physical therapists in the nation. The videos are divided into categories including body part, activity, sport or profession. Select your category, say "sport," then choose what sport you do most, such as bicycling. You'll then be presented with a list of exercises and stretches all cyclists should be doing in order to prevent injury. Tap on one of the exercises to see a video demonstrating the exercise, complete with voiced step-by-step instructions.

Even if you aren't an athlete, you can still benefit from this app. It's got sections filled with exercises and stretches for those of us who do lighter activities, such as gardening, sewing, computer work and even watching TV. But the thing I love most about this app is that it gives you a rationale for each exercise or stretch that it tells you you should do. I've been to a few physical therapists, and the good ones always take the time to explain why an exercise is going to benefit you, not just that it will "help fix your knee." This app tells you the why and the how. I highly recommend Motion Doctor for physical therapists and anyone who wishes to maintain injury-free activities no matter what their sport or occupation.

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