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Phat Loot Phriday: Rage of Ages


Nefarian looked up from his dinner, cocking a manicured eyebrow at a distant sound. Somewhere beyond his chambers, the Blackwing Descent shook on its bones. Something -- someone -- was killing Nefarian's people. "People" was a relative term, of course, but they were dying readily enough.

"Sir," Nefarian's wyrm-servant said. "Chimaeron's dead, and it seems Atramedes isn't long for this world."

The dragon in human form removed his napkin from his shift and laid it upon the table. "I should prepare myself for these guests, then, I suppose."

"Guest, sir," the little red whelping corrected. "It's just one."

"One?" Nefarian asked in a shocked voice.

"An orc, sir. He seems very, very angry. I've chosen this necklace for you to wear into battle tonight."

"Rage of Ages," Nefarian said. "He's that wrathful, is he?"

"He simply keeps screaming, 'I say thee nay!' and 'Throgg smash!'"

  • Type Neck
  • Strength 190
  • Stamina 286
  • Equip Increases your hit rating by 127
  • Equip Increases your mastery rating by 127

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