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The Weinstein Company announces TWC Games label


Having reached the pinnacle of success in the film industry -- by distributing Best Picture-winning The King's Speech -- The Weinstein Company has made the dutiful turn to games, taking up "a new initiative in the video game space." Forming a "strategic consultancy" with Beefy Media, the newly minted TWC Games label will look to further capitalize on Weinstein properties, notably from its Dimension Films division, by bringing them to mobile, social and console platforms.

Beefy teases that "we have a bunch of products in development," but no specific game announcements have been made at this time. The Dimension label houses a host of horror franchises, including Scream, Hellraiser, Halloween and Children of the Corn, in addition to lighter fare, like Scary Movie and Spy Kids.

Scream 4 hits theaters in three weeks -- so plenty of time to put together a "compelling, high quality, cost-efficient" port. They just have to change those pumpkin heads to Scream masks.

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