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Get a free in-game pet from Forsaken World and Massively!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Forsaken World is just over two weeks out of the gate, and the kind folks at Perfect World hope to enhance the experience for those of you who play with a little gift. They've given us some free Khonem in-game pets to share with you.

The Khonem are a mysterious tribal race possessing fiery blue eyes and a skull head; they hunt and kill anything not of their kind in the name of their god Khunm. Want one for your very own? All you need to do is visit our giveaway page and pick up a code. If you're not a current Forsaken World player, register, download the game, and create your character.

Once you have a character, enter your code on the redemption page. When you next log into Forsaken World, you'll find a gift waiting in your mailbox. Enjoy!


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