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TUAW readers get 30% off "Take Control of iWeb '09"


TUAW's very own superstar Steve Sande has released a new ebook version of "Take Control of iWeb '09," and it's updated to reflect the fact that iWeb is practically the same in both iLife '09 and the newer iLife '11. No matter which iLife you're using, Steve's got some excellent tips in here for you. From using Dropbox to share and publish low-cost iWeb sites, to embedding Google Calendars and Keynote presentations, and even setting up iWeb sites for mobile iOS devices, Steve has you covered on all the various functions of iWeb 3 for either iLife '09 or iLife '11.

Since you're reading TUAW, you can consider yourself lucky. By following this link, you can get Steve's ebook for 30% off, making the usually US$15 ebook just $10.50. Congrats to our own Mr. "TUAW TV Live" on another successful publication, and if you want to grab that special TUAW-only discount, head through the link above.

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