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Japanese hardware sales, March 14 - March 20: The Big Spend edition

Seeing as how the Nintendo 3DS launched in the U.S. earlier today, we'd wager that a large number of our readers currently occupy a wholly terrifying, familiar mental state. You know, that level of fear you reach after you spend a significant amount of money on a piece of consumer electronics, leaving you to constantly worry whether your new device justified the aforementioned sum. Don't panic! We're here for you.

Here are some positive affirmations to soothe your frayed nerves:
  • Man, that 3D camera sure is neat, isn't it?
  • You mean there's a game actually called Face Raiders? Wait, it's free?
  • Hey, which color did you go with? Yeah, that was definitely the right choice.
  • Think of how many Play Coins you'll have by the time the rest of the hoi polloi finally get on board. You'll be (fake) rich, we tell you!

- 3DS: 61,394 [DOWN] 35,069 (36.35%)
- PS3: 26,623 [DOWN] 5,783 (17.85%)
- PSP: 22,911 [DOWN] 21,735 (48.68%)
- Wii: 9,724 [UP] 205 (2.15%)
- DSi LL: 7,452 [DOWN] 1,066 (16.69%)
- DSi: 6,513 [UP] 625 (10.61%)
- PS2: 1,638 [UP] 290 (21.51%)
- Xbox 360: 1,619 [DOWN] 177 (9.86%)
- DS Lite: 625 [UP] 94 (17.70%)
- PSP Go: 600 [DOWN] 331 (35.55%)

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