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Sunday Morning Funnies: Out with the old and cold

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Tales from the Crossroads is almost over, but Tokkar is working extra hard on the last entry and has posted an interlude in its place. Personally, I'm happy to still have more to look forward to!

Congratulations, Harvoc, for correctly answering (at least one of!) last week's trivia question(s). You win an imaginary singing squirrel, a lifetime supply of squirrel-approved acorns, and a bag of clouds. For this week's trivia questions, tell me: Which character loses some teeth? There is a book; what color is the bookmark? What is not the best in the world? Who is called racist?

Finally, don't forget to send in your tips about WoW-related comics, or add them in the comments section. This includes never-before-featured comics as well as comics that had stopped posting for awhile and fell off the radar.

The updated comics list, after the break.

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