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Afterburner Climax and Crazy Taxi are half-off on Xbox Live Marketplace this week


Starting tomorrow, March 29, frugal gamers looking to dip their toes into Sega's franchise pool for something new to play will find two entries from its most iconic series to be half-off. After Burner Climax and Crazy Taxi will have their prices slashed down to $5 (400 MS Points). The sale is only extended to these two titles from Sega's staple and lasts until Friday, April 1.

After Burner Climax is the obvious choice between the two here, but if you're vehemently against The Offspring or Pizza Hut, then maybe the XBLA port of Crazy Taxi is for you. Either way, remember: you can always download the free trial first. Try before you buy, people!

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