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Choplifter HD airlifting nostalgia to PSN and PC this fall


If the idea of putting together burgers in HD wasn't weird enough for you, how about revisiting your old airlifting days on the Apple II via PSN? InXile Entertainment plans on doing just that with Choplifter HD, a project that will supposedly "redefine the helicopter rescue mission for the modern era." And just when we were thinking no one was bold enough to redefine such a mission!

We were also at the point where we thought InXile had given up on the title -- the company filed a trademark for a new Choplifter title back in 2009. It seems that the developer has spent those two years filling the game with content, such as a "variety" of helis to control and "more than 20" mission types.

Choplifter HD's announcement also details the new, highly unnecessary story. "Players take on the role of an up and coming rescue pilot asked to join the elite, international helicopter rescue team C.H.O.P.R. (Coordinated Helicopter Operations, Preservation and Rescue)," it reads, continuing in the long held gaming tradition of shoehorning ridiculous acronyms into plot lines. We can only hope that the C.H.O.P.R. team is getting some backup from the first encounter assault recon folks.

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