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iPad 2 coming to RadioShack March 29 (confirmed)


The next time you're in RadioShack buying another radio-controlled monster truck to trick out with a Wi-Fi webcam and spy on your neighbors, you might want to keep your eyes open for something a bit more expensive -- an iPad 2.

MacRumors is reporting that despite widespread sellouts of the shiny new toy worldwide, Apple has apparently made enough iPad 2s to supply a new retailer. That retailer is RadioShack, and starting tomorrow (March 29), they'll have the devices at 500 US locations. This started as simply a rumor when the RadioShack internal memo pictured above was sent to the website, but it was verified by RadioShack store representatives who said they expected to have iPad 2s in stock tomorrow morning.

As MacRumors notes, it seems odd for Apple to add a new retailer at this time unless the company is confident that it can ramp up production quickly. RadioShack representatives were unable to confirm how many of the units they'll have on hand. If you can't get an iPad 2, they may have enough available monster trucks to keep you happy.

Update: Sneaky monkeys. RadioShack's website is already featuring a hidden product page for the iPad 2, ferreted out by 9to5Mac. Looks like it's for real!

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