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Media Molecule auctioning original LittleBigPlanet art for Japan relief

Media Molecule is doing its part for the Play for Japan campaign, auctioning off a few rare pieces of original concept art for LittleBigPlanet, along with signed copies of its sequel. There are four sketches up for grabs on the auction block, each of which show the evolution and development of the franchise's floppy, stitched protagonist, Sackboy. Each piece comes with a copy of LBP2 with an extremely limited edition cover slip signed by the entire Media Molecule team.

Bidders can also try to grab a super rare, in-game crown costume piece for their Sackperson -- a prize usually only distributed as prizes for Media Molecule contests. If you'd like to get involved and grab a piece of LittleBigPlanet history in the process, check out Media Molecule's eBay page.

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