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Star Trek Online pushes its player-generated mission Foundry to live servers


Player-generated content may be the wave of the future. Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios said at PAX East that in 10 years we will see more user-generated content. It seems Cryptic agrees. Executive Producer Dan Stahl proudly announced that Star Trek Online's player-generated content has been pushed to the live server today.

The Foundry, as the system is called, will allow players to create missions, test them, and then share those missions with other players. As in similar tools in other games, missions will be tried by players then rated. However, unlike missions in other systems, a Foundry mission will not show up in the player-created mission tab until it has been given its first review. There is a review content button for those who wish to review newly created missions. Stahl does tell us in his post on the official STO forums, "Be warned, with many new players getting their hands on the editor, there may be a lot of 'hello world' missions at first."

Cryptic is still going to monitor this feature much like a beta since this is the first time it will be sent out to the general public. The developers will be addressing any issues as soon as possible. However, this is live, so log on to STO and try it out now.

Stay tuned to Massively this Thursday as Brandon Felczer gives us an in-depth look at the Foundry in the Captain's Log.

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