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Try to come to GIRPs with QWOP creator's new game


With QWOP, Bennet Foddy took the simple act of running and turned it into a baroque puppeteering masterclass (minus the teacher). Now, Foddy has taken QWOP's gameplay style and applied it to something that's already hard: rock climbing.

The browser game GIRP assigns each handhold on a rock face to a button on the keyboard, with a hapless climber's muscles mapped to the shift keys or mouse button. You have to hold on to one handhold while flexing to pull yourself up and reaching for the next one, taking time out to untwist your fingers at regular intervals. Oh, and also there's water rising up underneath your character.

Ironically, despite the fact that rock climbing is much more difficult than putting one foot in front of the other in real life, GIRP is a bit easier than QWOP. We were able to make nonzero progress in our very first attempt!

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