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Breakfast Topic: Where in Azeroth would you make your imaginary home?

Marc Hobbs
This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Mornin', friend! Cheapo Renthike here. I'll be your Goblin realtor today! I've the finest Azerothian real estate right at my fingertips, ready to show and sell! What are you in the market for? Big city? Country farm? Small town? Or something more exotic? C'mon, I ain't got all day here!

No matter your preference, your options for where to place your imaginary home in an imaginary world are quite numerous. Do you enjoy big city life? Why not settle down in Strormwind (only occasionally attacked by dragons), Ironforge (a bit damp), or Darnassus (recycling is mandatory)? How about Undercity (frequent mold problems), Orgrimmar (terrible traffic at rush hour), or Thunder Bluff (not good for acrophobics)? You can even make your home in Shattrath or Dalaran.

Maybe you'd prefer the country experience? You might find a farmhouse in Westfall (beware of twisters), a quiet outpost in the Grizzly Hills (if you're a lumberjack), or perhaps the remnants of a cottage in one of the Plaguelands (be sure to get your vaccines updated). If small town living is your style, you may enjoy Lakeshire (now with 25% less lake), Auberdine (currently under renovation), or Crossroads (Chuck Norris' summer getaway). Fan of the beach? Head to Ratchet, Booty Bay, Sen'jin Village, or Theramore. Perhaps something more arid? Plant your feet in Cenarion Hold, Gadgetzan, or Ramkahen. If you want to hit the slopes, try Gnomeregan, K3, or Everlook. The choices are nearly endless!

If you could move to one of Azeroth's many cities and towns, where would you go?

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