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Free Realms makes your world on PS3!


It's your world on PlayStation 3 now! The hottest family game for the PC and Mac is now for your PS3 console, too. Free Realms, which made a name for itself as the first AAA free-to-play title, launched as the fastest growing MMO for Sony Online Entertainment back in April of 2009. The game is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the other SOE title on PS3, DC Universe Online, by making a distinguished mark for MMOs on consoles.

In a press release statement, CEO John Smedley said, "Our games extend the current lifecycle of the console with the added value offer of bringing tens of thousands of people together, in a game world, to socialize at community events, compete in combat activities and engage in a diversity of gameplay experiences, for years to come" Perhaps the future of MMOs is not only in crossing genres but also in crossing platforms. So what's next for SOE? Possibly a pure-console MMO? Maybe, but expending the MMO console market can never be a bad thing.

Catch the video promo after the cut, then for more information about Free Realms jump on over to the official website.

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