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Motorola Xoom officially landing in UK next week, still has to finalize pricing and SKUs

Vlad Savov

As much as we love our rumormongering, a good hard confirmation never goes astray around these parts, and we've just heard directly from Moto that its Xoom tablet will be arriving in the UK next week. When precisely, we don't know, but the major electronics retailers will all be playing their part -- Dixons (and its subsidiaries Currys and PC World) plus the Carphone Warehouse were specifically named. As to pricing, we've seen pretty strong indications that it'll be £500 for the WiFi-only version and £600 for the 3G-equipped one, though there's no immediate confirmation about which (or if both) will be coming next week. Either way, the important thing is that the world's first Honeycomb tablet will be on sale in some form just as soon as the next British fiscal year gets started.

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