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Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for March 29

Anne Stickney

There's another round of hotfixes on the way, according to a post released on the official WoW blog. Today's list is short and sweet and should please the people annoyed about exploits in Tol Barad.

  • Dungeons & Raids
    • The Bastion of Twilight
      • A bug has been fixed that could cause Flame Strike during the Ascendant Council encounter (Heroic difficulty) to target an existing fire patch, instead of creating a new one.
  • Guilds
    • The guild perk "Have Group, Will Travel" no longer allows players to summon guild mates inside dungeons, raids, Battlegrounds, or Tol Barad when the battle is in progress. It will also not function while the player is on any transport.
  • Quests & Creatures
    • Uldum
      • Hostile NPCs are no longer present at the Temple of Uldum once the cutscene from picking up "Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum" finishes playing.

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