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Report: Windows Phone to beat iPhone in market share by 2015


IDC has released its latest report on the future of the smartphone market, and according to the predictions, there's a lot of growth in store for Windows Phone 7. By 2015, says the firm, Windows Phones should have over 20 percent of the smartphone market, placing it ahead of even Apple's iOS handsets (Apple's market share, according to the report, is going to fall, but not by much).

That's not impossible, given that Android has already moved ahead of Apple, and given the growing smartphone market itself, we'll probably see a lot more Windows Phones out and about in the next year or so. But that amount of growth seems unlikely, especially as iPhone prices are dropping and customer awareness is at an all-time high thanks to Apple's innovations. Apple's not really going after market share, so even if Windows Phones do see that growth, it won't hurt the company much anyway.

As our sister site Engadget points out, however, IDC also predicted that Symbian would "dominate" the smartphone market through 2013, and this latest report has the bottom falling out of that OS, dropping down to a .2 percent share in 2015. So essentially, it's all just crystal ball guessing anyway.

Headline corrected.

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